About Our Company

Prognose is an industrial intelligence platform developed by Teras New and Renewable Energies(TNRE) LLP TNRE is an Independent Power Producer, and provides custom energy solutions for various industries.

Prognose is developed by a team of expert Data Scientists and Plant Engineers. It’s a platform built on the A, B, Cs of technology & engineering viz., Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Computing. We realise the potential of “Digital” and would like to transform the way your organization looks at data. Process mapping to making sense of tonnes of structured as well as unstructured data. Deploying an on-prem solution to creating an IoT platform for your organization. Our team will do it all.

We welcome you to experience digital transformation while your company makes big savings.

Prognose - Technology & Components

Solar, wind and hydro electric, that’s how we roll. We serves the following technology.

Predictive Analytics (AI)

Forecast critical variables upto 24 hours in advance for well Informed decision making Upto 80% accuracy on forecasts.

Anomaly Detection (AI)

Separate process anomalies from statistical outliers. Leverage on early detection to reduce downtime and losses by upto 20%.

Pattern Recognition (AI)

Leverage on pattern recognition techniques to assess Remaining Useful Life of machines. Get alerts when trends turn anomalous.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Visualize historic data trends for hundreds of variables across dozens of machines and years in minutes. Use smart phone to check trends and receive email alerts on the go.

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Our Team

Akarsh Bhageria, Designated Partner

An entrepreneur at heart Akarsh is passionate about developing custom renewable energy solutions, and also looks after the Business development, finances & legal aspects of the business of Prognose while heading the renewable/non-conventional division.

Prashant Singh, Designated Partner

Prashant is the CEO of the company, and looks after the IT vertical. He is very passionate about data science, and responsible for new product as well as business development.

Sachin Mallya, Head – Product Development & Data Analytics

Sachin is passionate about developing products using data & analytics. He has a work experience of 8 years across finserv and strategic consulting.

Teras has a well structured team of subject matter experts for each division to work along with data scientists, analysts and developers to manage internal and external innovations